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Meet Rita Brown

Rita Brown’s journey to becoming a preeminent figure in gymnastics coaching is both inspiring and remarkable. A former gymnast at the University of Florida, Rita’s firsthand experience in competitive gymnastics provides her with invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs athletes face.

While pursuing her degree, Rita channeled her passion for gymnastics into founding her first gymnastics school, “Brown’s Gymnastics,” setting the stage for a groundbreaking career. This initial venture was more than a school; it was the birthplace of a legacy that would grow to encompass multiple locations across the United States, including Brown’s Altamonte Springs, Brown’s Sanford, Brown’s Winter Park, Brown’s Metro, Brown’s Houston, Brown’s San Antonio, and Brown’s Las Vegas. Each location reflects Rita’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and the promotion of gymnastics as a transformative sport.

Rita’s unique perspective as a former competitive gymnast and a pioneering coach has shaped her approach to training. She understands the importance of a nurturing yet challenging environment, allowing her athletes to achieve their full potential. Under her tutelage, more than 40 gymnasts have ascended to the National Team, with her students collectively earning over 100 national and international medals.

Rita’s expertise has also been pivotal in qualifying gymnasts for the Olympic Games in 2004, 1996, 1992, and 1988, underscoring her enduring impact on the sport.

Beyond coaching, Rita has authored 11 books on coaching, safety awareness, and athlete development in gymnastics. Her work as an Expert Witness in gymnastics-related accidents further demonstrates her commitment to athlete safety and her multifaceted contribution to the sport.

Rita Brown’s legacy is not just in her athletes’ achievements but in the widespread influence of Brown’s Gymnastics schools. Her life’s work underscores a commitment to excellence, safety, and the empowering impact of gymnastics. 


  • Head Coach of Puerto Rican Cup – Gold Medal Team – 2nd & 3rd All – Around
  • 1994 McDonald’s International Mixed Pairs – Jenni Beathard
  • Head Coach of Sr. Pan American Games, Valencia, Venezuela
  • 1993 Olympic Sports Festival – Mohini Bhardwaj and Lana Apisukh – Silver Team Medalists
  • USA Championships – Jenni Beathard, Kourtney Gallivan
  • 1993 Level 10 National Champion, Amanda Mitchell
  • 1992 Coach of Olympic Bronze Medal Team Member, Wendy Bruce
  • 1992 USA Jr. Elite National Champion, Lanna Apisukh
  • 1992 Brown’s Gymnastics is the #1 Overall USA combined Competitive Team (ranked at 1992 Buckeye Classic)
  • 1992 Member of the Gold Medal Team ― Olympic Sports Festival in Los Angeles, CA
  • 1992 Wendy Bruce, Lanna Apisukh Members of the Gold Medal Team ―Olympic Sports Festival
  • 1991 Brandy Johnson, 1st All – Around, Molly Shawen, 2nd All – Around
  • 1990 Member of the Gold Medal Team ―Puerto Rico Cup‖ & Gold AA
  • 1990 USA/GDR Challenge – 1st All – Around Gold Medallist
  • USA Challenge – Bronze Medallist
  • World Gymnastics Cup in Brussels – Gold Medallist
  • Puerto Rico Cup – Gold Medallist
  • 1989 World Championships – Stuttgart Coach of Silver Medalist on Vault – Brandy Johnson
  • 1989 World Championships Brandy Johnson, 5th All – Around, Wendy Bruce, 10th All – Around
  • 1988 Seoul Olympian, Brandy Johnson, 10th AA
  • 1986 JO National Champion – Brandy Johnson

Career Highlights

  • 2010 – 2007 USA Gymnastics Foundation Board Member
  • 2004 Developed Olympic Gymnast – Mohini Bhardwaj USA Team Captain – Silver Medalist
  • 2002 Top Turnen Gymnastiekverengiging—Zoetermeer, Netherlands- Coach of Susan Jackson
  • 2002 Top Gymnos Charleroi, Belgium – Coach of Susan Jackson 5th AA – 2nd Vault
  • 2000 USA Classic and US Nationals – Carly Patterson
  • 1997 World Championships (Switzerland) – Coach of Mohini Bhardwaj
  • 1996 Olympic Games – Coach of Eileen Diaz (Puerto Rico)
  • 1996 Olympic Trials – Coach of USA Mohini Bhardwaj, 10th AA
  • 1996 Coach of USA Pacific Alliance Team – Malaysia – Mohini Bhardwaj, 1st AA
  • 1996 USA Coach for Stars of 1996 – Moscow
  • 1996 USA National Team Coach
  • 1995 IBM Olympic Preview – Coach of Mohini Bhardwaj – 1st Gold Medal in Olympic Dome
  • 1995 World Championships Trials – Mohini Bhardwaj
  • 1995 Hungary International – Jenni Beathard – 1st Uneven Bars
  • 1995 China Cup – Coach of Mohini Bhardwaj
  • 1995 McDonald’s Mixed Pairs – Mohini Bhardwaj – 3rd AA Mixed Pairs
  • 1995 Head Coach – Summer Olympic Festival in Brazil – Gold Medal Team

What People Say About Rita

As sales facilitator and broker for several of the Brown’s Gymnastics businesses, I was fortunate enough to really get to know Rita as a person and as a professional. What I found was a person who is as giving as she is tough-minded, a rare combination.

– Frank Sahlein, CBI

I think she's one of the best, if not the best businessperson in gymnastics.

– Geza Pozar internationally known gymnastics coach who coreographed the routines of Mary Lou Retton and Nadia Comaneci.